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Environmentally Sound

Go Green with Reusable Shipping Crates

reusable shipping crates

First and foremost, SnapCrates are reusable. A single SnapCrate will keep up to 30 typical wooden shipping crates out of landfills! Integrating reusable shipping crates into your supply chain operations will help you to both meet your corporate packaging waste-reduction goals and reduce overall waste.

Our reusable shipping crates are also modular, meaning that even after its average lifespan a SnapCrate may be kept in service indefinitely simply by replacing only the parts that wear out.

A typical SnapCrate replaces up to 30 one-way crates, single-handedly keeping as much as 3 tons of wood waste out of landfills and keeping those trees from being cut down in the first place!

Go Green with Sustainable Resources

SnapCrate is proud to promote the use of green products in more ways than one! All of our wood material is supplied from domestic, sustainably-managed forests. In other words, we are supplied only by SCS independently certified suppliers in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council.

Along with having our roots in the right place, so to speak, our commitment to the environment has also led us to design and implement waste-reducing product designs and manufacturing processes for our wooden shipping crates. In fact, we discard less than 1% of the scrap wood material left over from SnapCrate production!

Go Green with Earth-Friendly Products

The glue used in the assembly of our pallet bases is formaldehyde-free and will not outgas.

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