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Durable Protection


Wooden Shipping CratesThe shipping process exposes crates to a gauntlet of abuse. The SnapCrate system is uniquely capable of withstanding such abuse, rough handling, and environmental factors. In fact, our wooden shipping crates have been subjected to rigorous testing, such as Tobyhanna Military testing (TT 05-10), to prove their durability. (Download the test results here and see for yourself!)

SnapCrates have emerged as one of the world’s strongest wooden shipping crates!

Plywood Panels and Stainless Steel Snaps

SnapCrate HD, our heaviest duty crates, are built with thick ¾ in., 5-ply, heat-treated, water-resistant Douglas fir plywood panels and 301 stainless steel snaps that have been tested to 10,000 cycles. Other custom shipping crate manufacturers compromise on quality by using imported interior grade wood and glues that outgas or fail with even slight moisture.

Our patented snap-and-insert system also assures that our wood shipping crates are equally sturdy regardless of who assembles it. There’s no need to know anything at all about storage crates, how to use a nailgun or crowbar, or where to put screws!

Reusable Shipping CratesReinforced Pallet Bases

All SnapCrate pallet bases are 4-way universal pallet bases, reinforced with glue, ring-shank nails, and lamination; they can even be bolted if necessary. Our pallets are made out of the same Douglas fir plywood that is used to construct our heavy duty wooden shipping crates and reusable shipping crates, so you can be sure they will always support the weight of your products and withstand damage from forklifts and pallet jacks.

Competitors just aren’t able to match our quality and price!

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