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Wooden Shipping Crates

Simple, Smart, SnapCrate

SnapCrates is a shipping solutions company that specializes in reusable shipping crates and wooden shipping crates. All of our products are customizable and can be specified to fit your exact needs. Our SnapCrates reduce damage to products, expense of shipping, and waste. Ask for a free custom quote today, so we can provide your shipping solution.

Heavy Duty SnapCratewooden shipping crate

  • Ideal for multiple demanding transport cycles
  • Provides superior cost-efficiency and reliability
  • Ultimate durability



Medium Duty SnapCratemedium duty shipping crate

  • Sturdy and reusable
  • Ideal for storage and/ or single use
  • OSB side walls



SnapCrate Stock Crates

  • Standard size Heavy Duty and Medium Duty SnapCrates
  • Competitive pricing and quick turnaround